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Grace is the cure for the common church.

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When Christian believers gather in churches, everything that can go wrong, sooner or later does. Outsiders on observing this conclude there is nothing to the religion business except perhaps business … and dishonest business at that. Insiders see it differently. Just as a hospital collects the sick under one roof and labels them as such … the church collects sinners. Many of the people outside the hospital are every bit as sick as those inside, but their illnesses are either undiagnosed or disguised. It’s similar with sinners outside the church. So Christian churches are not as a rule model communities of good behavior. They are rather places where human misbehavior is brought out into the open, faced and dealt with. The Grace Family welcomes you to join them Sundays at 9am.

Small Groups


Gripped by the Greatness of God asks us "when was the last time you were completely overwhelmed with who God is or how He showed up in your life?"
If that is a far-too-distant memory, engage with James MacDonald in this study through the book of Isaiah. You can re-discover what makes God awesome, sovereign, holy, wonderful, and worthy of our worship.
This small-group study will spur both new and seasoned believers to detest apathy and mediocrity in their spiritual walks. Tackling powerful passages in Isaiah, you can once again be gripped by the greatness of God and serve Him with a renewed fervor.

We also have period offerings for:
  • Couples – “Love and Respect” small group

  • Parents – “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” small group

  • Finances – “Financial Peace University” from Dave Ramsey

  • Divorce (Single Again) – Small group “Divorce Care”


Our Vision


Every church must have a vision. This vision guides and directs their goals, their methods, their programs and their daily activities...


Now Showing

  • Our pastor, Dr. Kent Haralson, is now in his third year of teaching through the book of Genesis which has enormous practical implications for living in the 21st-century. He takes periodic breaks for short topical mini-series and special days.

  • This Spring we had a seven week series on "Thinking Clearly" which helps you think Biblically about your problems, relationships, stress, sex, finances, spiritual health and living/dying.

  • This Fall there will be a series on "Ten Values that Build Strong Families".


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